(Resources) Sources, nature, possibility and void
Found objects
Nature morte, Vanitas and repetition
A different city and its conditions
Drawings (old, new)

Vol.1 A small, poetic installation which makes visible the forms of things,the meanings and opinions that keeps them alive using the conventions of Nature mort and Vanitas.In the process of preparing the exhibition, my motto was using the objects I have collected in time, making an exhibition with restricted means. So much so, when discussing things I shouldnt fetishize the conditions for making art and the art-work itself.

Following this motto, in order to transform things going through monumental and universal concepts like life, nature, time, finiteness, transiency into unmonumental forms and meanings I put everyday,perishable things like greengrocers? crates, coloured paper, cheap rubber bands, a small ceramic sculpture, bendable sticks together with watercolor drawings .In my opinion none of them are more valuable than the others.

Vol.2 following a similar motto is a continuation of Vol.1 and will be formed around the idea of sources.Possibility and void; oscillating between uncertainty and a all too apparent object;a small repetition in order to interpret the curve of opinions where the void approaches sources,the object meaning?

What are sources,how are they shared? This is my take on the question of

Do we use the source, or does it give itself to us?Do we depict the source, or are we all ears to it?

If the source is a fountain it gives itself to us. There is a glittering, bubbling trace on the surface pointing at the source without laying it bare.The source is obvious in its indemonstrablty, it gets muddy in its exhibition.

Science tends to know the source. It takes, what is given by the source, as data; it counts it as numbers; it puts it in order. Ultimately all that remains from the source are numbers and order. Knowledge is mostly nothing but an undertaking to dominate the source.

With high-tech devices we can x-ray a fountain. We determine the source in its finitude; we assimilate it in our domination project as a reserve or input. Becoming thus transparent, the source  disappears behind the variable x in our equation.

Sharing finite resources is a fundamental problem. Yet, that the very 'sharing' is an infinite source is often ignored.

*I' d like to thank to Murat Turan for his help in arranging the questions about Source